2022 Match Play Tournament

First Round Matches
Dave Hackney  V  Jack Jamieson
Bob Marr  V  George Harvey
Jim Deviney  V  Bill Willoughby
Steve Pitt  V  Doug McCann
Martin Delahay  V  Phil McDowell
Mark Whibbs  V  Bill Nicholls
Peter Hayward  V  Iain Carruthers
Stu Henry  V  Bob Biffin
Art Rennick  V  Bob Watt
Noel Milner  V  Jim MciLmoyle
Ralph Warren  V  Albert Helgeson
Bill McKechney  V Mike Macklin
Pat Quinn  V  John Shain
Mark Saunders  V  Larry Hebert
Gwyer Moore  V  Stu Richardson
Pat Reid  V  Stan Stewart
We have 32 players for this year’s tournament, Dave Hackney and I made the draw yesterday. Entry fee is $5, A box and signup sheet will be placed in the pro shop, when paying, tick your name off on the sheet. First round matches will be played between June 1st and 21st. Updated Brackets will be placed on the senior men’s league noticeboard in the hallway behind the proshop. Bob Biffin will arrange the matches within our Mon, Wed, Fri. games