2023 Match Play Tournament

First Round Matches

J. Mcilmoyle.  V.  N. Milner
D. Hackney. V. J. Shain
B. Nicholls. V. M Macklin
M. Layfield. V. T. Foster
B. Biffin. V. S. Richardson
M. Whibbs. V. P. Quinn
B. Watt. V. S. Stewart
K. Hedley. V. S Pitt
B. McKechney  V. S. Simmons
L. Hebert. V. G. Aho
M Saunders. V.  G. Moore
A. Helgason. V. M. Delehay
M. Miller  V. B. Marr
S. Diltz. V. A. Rennick
B. Willoughby. V. J. Jamieson
D. McCann. V J Deviney
J. McDermott. V. B. Gibson
Pat Reid.  Bye


The matches will also be posted on our Match-Play website page https://dalewoodseniormensleague.ca/match-play/  the
webpage also explains the guidelines for our tournament, please take a moment to read it as match-play handicaps are explained. The matches and updated brackets will also be posted on our senior men’s league noticeboard in the hallway behind the proshop.
Bob Biffin will start scheduling the matches within our Monday, Wednesday, Friday times, starting the first week in June.