July 20th on the 8th hole, Ralph Warren scored his 5th hole-in-one.


Albert has done it again. 13th hole on Aug. 12, 2020, arguably the hardest par 3 on the course. This is Alberts 2nd this year in our league and 3rd this year at Dalewood. He now has 7….yes 7 Holes-In-One to his credit. When asked how he does it, he said aim at the flag. 🙂

Ralph Warren managed another Ace on hole 13, Friday July 24th, 2020. Note his Hole-In-One last year on #8. With his two other Aces, he has now accumulated 4. Well done Ralph.

Albert Helgason managed another Hole In One on July 8, 2020 rounding out his total so far to 6…yes folks 6. He did this with a 6 iron on the 4th hole. What is more amazing, on the 8th hole, he was 4 inches past the hole, and on the 13th he was 14 inches. from the hole. Almost a trifecta…and an entry in the Guiness Book. Congratulations Albert and thanks for the beer.



Monday August 26th. 2019 – Doug Cossar Ace on Hole 13 with a 7 iron


Ralph Warren Holed #8 August 15th.

Albert Helgason Ace Aug 5th.

Stu Henry’s Ace July 29 4th hole 8 iron


  • July 23rd. Hole 8 – Joe Polley
  • Sept 17th. Hole 11 – Art Rennick


  • Hole 4  – Hal Jacobsen
  • Hole 4  – Doug Cossar