The name of the organization shall be The Dalewood Senior Men’s Golf Group (the Group).
To provide senior male golf members of Dalewood Golf Club (the Club) with opportunities for recreation and fellowship.
Membership is open to all male golf members of the Club who are Fifty years of age or older.
a. The Group will be governed by these By-laws, and by the accompanying
Rules and Regulations.
The responsibility for the day-to-day business of the Group shall rest with the Executive,
which shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (the AGM). The
Executive shall consist of: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Tee-off Chairman, Handicap
Chairman and one committee member. These positions and accompanying
responsibilities shall be decided by the members of the Executive immediately after the
election, and announced at the meeting. The immediate Past President shall ex officio
be a member of the Executive
c. In the event that a member of the Executive shall be unable or unwilling to complete his term
the Executive may appoint a member to serve for the duration of that term.
At least 15 days prior to the date of the AGM the Executive shall post a Notice of
Meeting, and an Agenda on the Seniors’ Notice Board, and shall establish a Nominating
Committee to select nominees for the membership of the Executive for the coming
year. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the President, and two non-executive
members. These non-executive members shall not be eligible for nomination. The
Nominating Committee shall post the list of nominees on the Seniors’ Notice Board at
least seven days prior to the date of the AGM, and will present the list to the members
at the AGM. At that time nominations from the floor, duly proposed and seconded will
be accepted. In the event of there being more than seven candidates for membership of
the Executive a secret ballot of all attending members shall be held, supervised by the
two non-executive members of the Nominating Committee.
e. A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called by the Executive at any time on giving at least fifteen days’ notice to the membership.
 A SGM may also be called by any twenty members presenting a formal signed request to the Executive. Along with the Notice of Meeting,
the Agenda for the SGM shall be posted on the Seniors’ Notice Board, and only the item or items included on the Agenda may be discussed at the
f. At any AGM or SGM the President or, in his absence, an Executive Member selected by the President shall act as Chairman.
A quorum, made up of at least half of the registered members of the Group, must be present for the meeting to be constituted.
In the absence of a quorum the Chairman shall adjourn the meeting, and the Executive shall
subsequently set a date for the meeting to reconvene.
Details of any proposed changes or amendments to the By-laws shall be included in the posted Agenda.
Changes and amendments to the By-laws must be proposed and seconded at a General Meeting, and must be approved by at least two-thirds of the members present to pass.
Other motions require only a simple majority of members present to pass.
Members may play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
The Annual Closing Day Competition shall be held on a date in late September or early October, and be followed by Dinner and the AGM.
The date of only the Championship may be changed by the Executive in the event of inclement weather.
a.In the spirit of “Good Fellowship and Good Golf’ members are expected to observe The Rules of Golf, local rules [See By Laws 5.],
and proper golf etiquette on the course, and to behave with common courtesy to members, guests and club staff, on and off the course.
b.In the event that any person has a serious complaint concerning the conduct of a member of the Group he should put full details of the complaint in a letter
 addressed to the Secretary. On receipt of such a letter the Executive will appoint a Disciplinary Committee composed of three of the more senior non-executive members:
to conduct an investigation into the alleged incident; to report back to the Executive on the validity of the complaint; and to make recommendations as to what penalties,
if any should be applied. Penalties may range from a verbal warning to temporary or permanent suspension from the Group.
The appended Rules and Regulations are intended to govern the administration and day-to-day operations of the Group. They do not form part of the By-laws.
Any changes to the Rules and Regulations made by the Executive shall be presented to the AGM in a general motion asking for the members’ approval of the Executive’s conduct of the affairs of the Group.
Motions for changes or amendments, duly proposed and seconded, may also be put to the membership at the AGM.
May 15, 2017