Captain Responsibilities

With a couple of changes taking place, we thought it might be a good time to review the responsibilities of the Captain, remembering that we are all captains every 4 or 5 rounds:
  1. Get a scorecard from the box at the first hole.
  2. Record the Tee-Off Time on the top of the card and your name.
  3. Write LAST Name and FIRST Name Initial on the card. ie: Doug McCann would be McCann, D
  4. If a player decides to play from a different TEE, please mark that on card
  5. If everyone has arrived, Tee-Off when ready. However, If you are missing a player that hasn’t cancelled, WAIT until your tee time so they don’t get stranded.
  6. Record everyone’s scores and total the card. It’s probably best if you confirm the scores with the players. (Don’t worry about handicaps,  They are captured every day prior to play.)
  7. Take the lead in maintaining the “pace of play”. A simple way to do that is to ensure that you can alway see the group in front of you.
  8. Have fun out there and then bring the scorecard to the Pro Shop.
  9. Buy yourself a drink…you will have earned it.