External Tournaments

Kawartha – Dalewood

Senior Men’s Interclub Matches – 2019

The Senior Men’s groups of Kawartha and Dalewood will renew last year’s home and home series of inter-club “friendlies”.

Each visit will involve 8 members from each club.

We will play a four-ball match play format with full handicaps. One point will be awarded to each winning pairing for each nine and one point for the round, for an informal competition between the clubs. All handicaps are welcome to participate.

Each participant will contribute $2 to the pot and the winning club at the end of the matches will donate the funds to their local charity of choice.

Dates:@ Dalewood – Monday June 24th

Dalewood won 17.5 / .5

@ Kawartha – Wednesday August 21st

If you are interested in participating, please sign up below by June  17th

We will draw names for the initial and subsequent groups and try to match up your availability. Everyone signing up will have a chance to play once before anyone has a second opportunity to play.

Signup sheet will be on the board downstairs in hallway.

Please Contact Bob Watt if you have any questions