League Rules & Regulations


The annual membership fee will be determined each year after the Club financial situation is known. The fee will be chitted through our Dalewood accounts.

The annual fee will be used for weekly closest-to-the-hole prizes, the Closing Dinner expenses, and any other expenses incurred by the Executive in the running of the Group.


a. Tee-times for Monday, Wednesday and Friday play are booked with the Golf Shop by the Tee-off Chairman.
To encourage “good fellowship” members are expected to stay after play.

b. Members must advise the Tee-off Chairman of their intention to play by marking their names on the weekly sign-up sheet posted on the Seniors’ Notice Board.

c. The sign-up sheet for the following week will be taken down after noon on Wednesdays.
The draw for each day’s play will be posted on the Seniors’ Notice Board and emailed to each player as soon as is reasonable after tee-times are received from the Golf Shop.

d. Members unable to make their scheduled tee time must notify the pro shop before the day of play.

e. Before the first game of the year members must advise the Handicap/Scoring Chairman which tees they intend to play if not the White tees.


a. The official Club handicaps, as recorded on the computer in the Golf Shop will be used for all games.

b. Members are expected to know their Seniors ID number and their handicap for the tees they are playing that day,
and to provide it to the captain of their group at the beginning of a round.

c. Score cards will be completed by the Captain of each foursome {1st name on list or designate},
totaled, nets determined, signed, dated {day and date} and deposited in bulletin board collection box.


a. To be eligible for prizes a member will pay a daily prize fee before teeing off.
The fees for individual and team competitions will be set at Opening and will remain for the year.
If the siren sounds to halt play before all rounds have been completed no prizes will be awarded

and the monies forwarded to the next play day.

b. Daily prize money for individual play will be distributed approximately as follows: 1st – 30%, 2nd – 25%, 3rd – 20%, 4th – 15%, 5th – 10%.
In the event of ties a tie breaking formula will be employed to determine the 5 winners and their amounts.
Only those paying the Daily Prize Fee can participate in any other games which may offer additional cash prizes.

c. Prize money for team events will be awarded on an equitable basis.

The Rules of Golf will apply to all competitions within this Group.

There is a reference document attached as an addendum which will cover the special on course situations as they may affect Club members during our internal competitions.
It will be subject to revisions as necessary and communication of changes will go to all members.

May 1, 2017

Q. What is ESC (Equitable Stroke Control)?

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes
in order to make handicap factors more representative of a player`s potential ability. ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player`s Course Handicap.
ESC is used only when a player`s actual or most likely score exceeds his maximum number.

Course Handicap Maximum Score

9 or less Handicap Double Bogey

10 to 19 Handicap Maximum score of 7

20 to 29 Handicap Maximum score of 8

30 to 39 Handicap Maximum score of 9

40 and Over Handicap Maximum score of 10