Match Play

Senior Men’s League Match Play Tournament.

Matchplay Explained. 

Match play is a form of play where a player plays directly against an opponent in a head-to-head match. You win a hole by completing it in the fewest number of strokes, and you win a match when you are winning by more holes than remain to be played. For example, if you just completed the 16th hole and you are up 3, then you have won the match. 

Dalewood Senior Men’s Match Play Tournament. 

The senior men’s match play tournament will begin June and continue through the season. The A bracket and B bracket finals will be held the week before the AGM in September. 

Players names will be drawn out of a hat to decide who plays who in the first round. 

Winners in the first round will move into the A bracket, which will produce the eventual Match Play Champion. All players who lose their first-round match will move into the B bracket which will produce the Consolation round Champion. Approximately 3 weeks will be given to complete each round. I will indicate the deadline days for each round as we progress through the tournament. 

In the second round all defeated players will be eliminated from the tournament.  

The up-to-date brackets will be posted on the Match play webpage. The brackets will indicate everyone’s progress and who your next opponent will be. The updated brackets will also be posted on the senior men’s noticeboard in the hallway, behind the pro-shop.      


The lower handicap player in each match will become a scratch golfer and then the other player’s handicap will be reduced by the same amount. For example. Player A is a 10 handicapper and Player B is a 20 handicapper. Player A now becomes a scratch golfer and Player B becomes a 10 handicapper. Player A will have to give Player B a shot on each of the ten toughest rated holes on the course.  

The Matchplay scorecard should be marked as follows. AS means all square and should be used on each hole while the match is tied. Once someone loses a hole, you’ll mark the card –1 if you lose the hole or +1 if you win the hole. This means you are 1 down or 1 up respectively.  

Players can use their regular tees, but if for any reason you decide to use a different tee, refer to the Golf Canada App to see how your handicap is affected. 

If the match is tied after 18 holes. Retrogression will decide the winner, in other words the player that was last winning the match prior to the match being tied is the winner. Please indicate on the scorecard who won the match. 

Each player should complete their own scorecard but only 1 to be handed in.  

Please place your completed scorecards in the plastic bag pinned on the senior men’s noticeboard. 

Note The matches will be played within our $2 games on Mon. Wed. Fri.   

Tournament sign up. Fee $5 

I will send out a sign-up email the first week of May. Deadline to sign-up will be Friday May 24