New Members “A must Read “

 Welcome and thanks you for joining the Dalewood Senior Mens League

There are a few pictures of how our League works

These Sheets are on Binder In the hallway put a check mark on the days you want to play. Tee times are made up from this information and sheet is taken down on Fridays after golf. Usually tee time draws are finished 2-3 hours after Golf. Any additions or removals should be done by you on Chrono golf or phone Pro Shop (905) 885 8409 (Golf shop – Tee times)









Next in the Pro Shop on Counter there will be a box and this sheet, check your name off and deposit the required funds into box.






And Lastly there will be a time or 2 throughout the season you will be the first in a foursome you will be captain that day for the group keeping score of all players in your group. After round card must be  signed, attested, dated then recorded on this sheet in hall . after recording scores deposit the scorecard in box below.