Special Playing Guidlines

  • In keeping with the spirit of friendly competition, speediness and fairness, the following are guidelines which may replace the Rules of Golf. The intent is to keep play moving briskly while making scoring consistent for all our members and to keep the fun in the game.The purpose of this local rule is to avoid taking the time to cross a creek, search for a ball and then return to the other side to play the next shot: Declare you are playing a provisional ball and do so before looking for the original ball in or across the hazard; if the original ball is not found in the hazard or if the player chooses not to play the found ball in the hazard, the provisional ball will be in play and all relevant rules will apply. If the original ball is found in the hazard and the player chooses to play it, all relevant rules of golf apply and the provisional is abandoned. If the original ball is found outside the hazard it must be played and the provisional is abandoned.
  • Struck balls which apparently enter a hazard, a potential lost ball or a potential out-of-bounds ball can only be searched for 3 minutes when continuing play is possible.
  • Putts may be conceded when the ball is close enough to the hole to be “within the rubber” {Between the blade of the putter and the bottom of the grip is our definition}.
  • When a member chooses to play from a tee box other than the White tees, their handicap shall be adjusted based on the difference between the white tee course rating and the course rating of the tee they commit to play as per the rules outlined in the Golf Canada Handicap Manual, Section 3.5. As a specific example, if a member chooses to play from:

Red/White tees – reduce their white handicap by 2 strokes;

Red tees – reduce their white handicap by 3 strokes;

Blue/White tees – increase white handicap by 1 stroke.

  • Struck balls which likely have entered a non hazard rough where the possibility of being lost exists, should be immediately followed by a provisional ball which should be played until the first ball is found and played, or abandoned and the scoring is the same as for an out of bounds ball.


  • Special scoring for unique course conditions {eg lift, clean and place} will only apply when all players have received appropriate instructions by way of the Scoring/Prizing Coordinator.